The Boy and the Fire

by Paddy Carrillo

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Recorded at Imagine Books and Records. From the forthcoming Toad Press book, Wasteoid Daydream.


The Boy and the Fire

The life of man begins and ends with fire
Behind glazed eyes, my thoughts conspire.
It never asks to be fed outright,
Of what lies in our hearts, it already knows
So it beckons in whispers “Do we will to see it grow"

Shadows play on corrupted light
My mind pieces together the whorled trees
That the fire has stripped to ash.
We cheer for death in a secret pact
For the decadence that brought Sodom to its knees
That would coax a lazy god to finally act.

Heave a dry cough, your teeth will gnash
You'll die alone fucking and fighting
But has it ever felt better than this?
To have learned nothing, and still so young
And have the flames be so inviting?
Let it combust the words that sit on my tongue,

Oxidize the air in my lungs with a monoxide kiss.
The light ensures hunger will find its way;
So lust for all the things you want but won't admit
Look past the paintings on the insides of our
Eyelids - burn every book and poem away -
Dance to Depravity in the howling hour.

Hack up your heart and give it to the fire.
For only the timid know truly of desire,
And the world just doesn't give a shit
There is no greater truth –
Violence begets violence
In these hate songs of my youth.


released January 18, 2016
Photo: Zachariah Appelbaum



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